Awesome! - you have tools you would like to sell us (please, nothing with cords). We would love to see what you have.

The first place to start is with photos. Just email us your photos and Jim will get right back to you.

Here's the best way to take photos:

you can use your phone if that's what you have!

Take the tools outside or near a bright window. If you can place them on a white sheet that would be great.

Put about 5 tools in each photo so we can easily see what you have - really fill the frame of your camera/phone with the tools. Don't leave much space around the edges. That makes it easier for us to identify the tools.

Email 1 or 2 photos per email to:

Sending 1 or 2 per email keeps the email server from rejecting large data transfers.

Include contact info and Jim will get back to you.

Please do not call, the first step is for us to see photos and then we can go from there.

Thank you very much!