CRAFTS One Year Membership
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CRAFTS One Year Membership

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People always ask me where I get all my tools. Well, we have joined many tool clubs where you can meet everyone who is anyone in antique tools. The knowledge that surrounds you and exposure to great tools is beyond priceless.

 Simply click " Add to cart", complete checkout and instantly become a member of CRAFTS for 1 full year. You will receive 4 issues of The Tool Shed, the club's journal, which has articles, announcements, photos, want ads, and listings of upcoming events. Check out their website:

Crafts has 4 great meetings a year where guest speakers demonstrate their tools and art. There are tool displays, swap-and-sell, a "Whatsit" session and a whole lotta tool talk with folks with the same passion as you!

At the Annual Fall Picnic members and their families get together and enjoy good food, good friends, games, tool displays and dealer sales. It's a great time!

The Anuual Spring Auction is a MUST! Members consign their tools and the public is invited to join in on the bidding. Awesome!